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Famous travellers

The plan of the lesson
The date: The 10th of March
The form: 6th form
The theme of the lesson: Famous travellers
The aims of the lesson: Educational: to introduce pupils with the new words, to teach to make sentences with them, to give some information about famous travellers.
Development: to develop pupil’s reading, writing and listening habits, to develop their abilities to read
the English letters and sounds in the right order.
Cultural: to teach pupils to know about famous people, to respect their work, to be educated and polite
The type of the lesson: traditional
Visual aids: cards, pictures
Connection of the subject: Kazakh language, History

The Outline of the lesson
I. Organization moment
a) Greetings
b) Checking a roll

II. Asking home work
What was your homework?
To learn the new words by heart. Are you ready for it?
“Hot chair”

III. Warm up
Can you name the odd word?
1. Rome Italy London Madrid
2. New York Washington San Francisco Paris
3. USA England Africa Japan
4. Manchester United Arsenal Barcelona London
Dividing the class in to 3 groups
Guessing the theme of the lesson from the video

IV. New material
Open your copybook and write the date down. Today is the 2nd of March.
Open your vocabularies and write these new words down on it.
Pacific Ocean [pə´sıfık´əuʃ(ə) n] Тынық мұхиты
Australia [ɔ´streılıə] Австралия
New Zealand [, nju: ’zi: lənd] Жаңа Зеландия
Hawaii [ hə’waıi] Гавайи
Antarctic Circle [ænt’a: ktik ‘sɜ: kl] Антарктикалық шеңбер
Arctic [‘a: ktik] Арктика
Earth [ ɜ: Ɵ] Жер
Central Asia [ ‘sentr(ə) l ‘eiƷ(ʃ) ə] Орталық Азия
voyage [ ‘vɔııdƷ] саяхат
fauna [ ‘fɔ: nə] Жануарлар әлемі
flora [ ‘flɔ: rə] Өсімдіктер әлемі
discover [ diskʌvə] ашу
The Grammar
Making adjectives from Nouns
- cal, - al, - mous, - ful, - y, - t
Beauty – Beautiful
Fame -
History –
Luck –
Noise –
Centre –
Culture –
Tradition -

V. Doing exercises
Ex: 1
Reading the texts about famous travellers: Christopher Columbus, James Cook, Michael Przhewalski
1st slide: He was born in England in 1728. He made three voyages to different places: the Pacific Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Antarctic, and Arctic. He discovered the Hawaiian Iilands.
2nd slide: He was born in Italy in 1451. He was a sailor and made many voyages. In 1492 he started a journey with three ships. It was long and difficult. He discovered America in 1492.
3rd slide: He was born in Russia in 1839. He travelled to unknown parts of Central Asia. His journeys opened a new era for the study of geography, fauna and flora od Central Asia.
Famous travellers. жүктеу
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