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Ағылшын тілінде тақпақтар (Стихотворений на английском)

Ағылшын тілінде тақпақтар
Стихотворений на английском

Learn your lessons
As well as you can.
Be tidy like Nick,
Not dirty like Dan.

Holidays are over,
No more fun,
Holidays are over,
School has begun!
Mind the clock
And keep the rule:
Try to come
In time to school
What are
little boys made of?
What are
little boys made of?
What are
little boys made of?
Frogs and snails and puppy - dogs’ tails,
And that’s what little boys are made of!
What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and all things nice,
And that’s what little girls are made of!

Clean the blackboard,
Clean the door,
Clean the table,
Clean the floor.

Let us try to be polite In everything we do
Remember always to say «Please»
And don’t forget «Thank you».

Turn left, turn right,
Always love, never fight.
Come early, don’t be late,
Try to be good, don’t hate.
Six Serving Men
I have six honest serving men
They taught me all I knew
Their names are
What and Why and
When and How and
Where and Who.
I send them over land and sea
I send them East and West
But after they have worked for me
I give them all a rest.

What do you do at this time?
Now it’s six o’clock
Six o’clock six o’clock
Now it’s six o’clock
And what do you do at six o’clock? I get up.
Now it’s seven o’clock
Seven o ‘clock seven o’clock
Now it seven o’clock
And what do you do at seven o’clock?
I do exercises
Now it’s eight o’clock
Eight o’clock eight o’clock
Now it’s eight o’clock
And what do you do at eight o’clock?
— I take a shower.
What does the clock say?
It’s seven o’clock in the morning.
Get up, get up, get up!
It’s eight o’clock!
It’s eight! It’s eight!
Come on! It’s late.
It’s nine o’clock in the morning
Tick - tock, tick - tock, tick - tock.
It’s nine o’clock, it’s nine o’clock,
«It’s nine, it’s nine» — says the clock.
It’s ten o’clock in the evening.
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.
It’s ten o’clock, it’s time for bed Say
«Goodnight» and go to bed.

«Tick — tock, tick – tock»,
Ticks Tommy’s clock.
«Tick — tock, tick – tock»,
Ticks and ticks his clock.
The old year
Green for spring
And blue for summer,
As the days go by,
Gold for autumn,
White for winter,
Old year`s gone.
Good - bye! It likes to play.

What`s the time?
What`s the time? – it`s nearly noon –
Dinner time is coming soon.
Now it`s two and now it`s three,
Now it`s four and time for tea,
And now all is done and said,
Nine o`clock and time for bed.

How many
How many seconds in a minute?
Sixty and no more in it.
How many minutes in an hour?
Sixty for sun and flower.
How many hours in a day?
Twenty - four for work and play.
How many months in a year?
Twelve the calendar makes clear.

Времена года
Autumn is yellow,
Winter is white,
Spring is green,
Summer is bright.
Spring Spring is here,
Summer is near,
Grass is green,
So nice and clean.
Winter, spring, summer, fall -
I like spring best of all.

Spring, spring, spring!
The trees are green,
Blue skies are seen.
The grey winter, go away!
The world looks new and gay!
Spring In the spring, in the spring.
Sweet and fresh is everything.
Winter winds are no more blowing
In the fields all is growing.
In the spring, in the spring
Sweet and fresh is everything.

This is the season
When snowdrops bloom,
When nobody likes
To be in his room.
This is the season
When birds make their nests;
This is the season
We all like best.
Ode to spring
O spring, O spring,
You wonderful thing!
O spring, O spring,
O spring, O spring,
When the birds sing
I feel like a king!

There is no snow
The flowers are seen.
This isn’t summer,
I know it is spring!

It is winter, it is winter.
Let us skate and ski.
It is winter, it is winter.
It’s great fun for me.

Winter, winter, winter!
The snow is falling,
The wind is blowing,
The ground is white
All day and all night.

This is the season
When mornings are dark,
And birds do not sing
In the forest and park.
This is the season
When children ski,
And Father Frost
Brings the New Year tree

It’s winter now, so bundle up tight!
Warm mittens and caps will be just right.
Ice on the lake, snow on the ground,
Time to ski and skate all around.
Winter, spring, summer, fall - I
like winter best of all.

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