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At the shop

Қызылорда облысы, Қазалы ауданы,
Әйтеке би кенті №249 мектеп - лицейдің
ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Сүйеубаева Жулдызай

The theme of the lesson: At the shop. Ex 1 - 5 on p 237 - 239
The aims and objectives of the lesson: a) educational to enrich pupil’s knowledge, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and give them more information,
b) developing: to develop pupil’s habits in speaking, reading and translating, to develop communicative skills and abilities,
c) cultural: to bring up pupil’s interests, respect and love to foreign and native languages, to educate them to respect their classmates, teachers, friends and to educate them to be a honesty

The type of the lesson: mixed lesson
The kind of the lesson: developing skills
The methods of the lesson: vocabulary method, method of explanation, question - response, bring storming
Visual aids of the lesson: pictures, blackboard, book
Interdisciplinary relation:

І. Organization moment - greeting;
- to check the attendance of pupils;
- to pay pupils attention to the lesson;
- to check the preparation of the lesson;

ІІ. Checking up the homework Puzzle time
(teacher checks the homework on the pupil’s copybooks and some pupils and some pupils will write it on the blackboard)

III. Explaining new material
a) New material
Future Indefinite

b) tasks for the development of cognitive abilities

If pupils make mistakes teacher will correct them
Ex 1 on p 237
Find out what your classmates will do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Let them answer your questions.
1. Will you come to school tomorrow?
2. Will you go for a walk next week?
3. Will you go shopping with mum next month?

Ex 2 on p 238
a) this boy is a boaster, read what he says
b) express your doubt,
Example: Will you eat ten eggs for breakfast?
c) disagree with him.
Example: You ‘ll not eat ten eggs for breakfast.
Ex 3 on p 238
Look at the picture and say:
- what colour are these things
- what you like to wear
- what you will put on tomorrow

Ex 4 on p 239
Listen and learn the poem

IV. Consolidation of the new lesson
Consolidate the lesson by asking the question

V. Homework
Ex 12 on p 242
Refer the sentences to the future

VІ. Evaluation
Pupils you are very activity today, your marks are 5, 4, …

VII. The end of the lesson
- The lesson is over.
- Good - bye pupils!

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